Healing Point Vlog

What is the purpose of your vlog?

These are videos published on our website www.healingpointmassage.ca as well as the Healing Point Massage Therapy YouTube channel. We do this to help us reach as wide of an audience as we can. For each video we pick a topic that is related to our services and history, our massage therapy, manual osteopathy and helping your body heal from injuries or trauma. And generally how to help our clients feel as feel good, pain free and healthy. It is something that we hope our audience would find interesting and potentially learn from.

Why did you start publishing videos?

At Healing Point Massage Therapy we are passionate about helping people. We believe that movement is health, and health is wealth. You only have one body, and taking care of it should be your top priority. Although many people may come in for treatments, watching these videos can help people understand the importance of regular treatments. Or why stretching and drinking water is important. They may learn things they never knew, that will help them relieve pain, or feel better. And they could even find out about new modalities and treatments they would like to try. Helping our clients learn the best information will help them make the best decisions about their health. We also include videos about the history of our company, the owner’s personal journey and the mission of the business. It’s important that people see not only how knowledgeable we are. But how passionate we are as well. Each therapist who works at Healing Point Massage Therapy has demonstrated a great passion for helping people heal and feel their best.

Who are these videos for?

These videos are for anyone wanting to learn about their body, and about massage therapy. The more information people have, the better decisions they can make, and can take their own health and healing into their own hands. These videos are great for clients, and anyone else! They can learn about why we do what we do, what drives our passion and how to help their body feel great.

Can I watch these videos then treat myself at home?

These videos are designed to help people understand our business, as well as their body. They will help people understand the mechanics behind the treatments. and why we make the recommendations that we do. They are a great way to learn about our various modalities and what type of treatments are available. There will be great pieces of information that we hope people take away from the videos, but is not a replacement for treatment from a qualified Registered Massage Therapist or a Manual Osteopathic Practitioner. If people see the videos and would like more information, all they have to do is click on the Book Now button on any of our pages, or call us at 780-569-6838 to book one of our services with any of our therapists.

If I’m a client, why should I still watch these videos?

We do our best to inform our clients of all our services and modalities, but these videos serve as an important reminder. While it doesn’t replace our therapists work. These videos will help reinforce the recommendations from our therapists. If our clients watch these videos, they will be more likely to follow recommendations and heal faster, as well as feel better. As well, if clients are coming to see us for one type of treatment or modality, they may learn information about our other services. For example, if someone is coming to us for massage therapy appointments, they may learn about cupping, or manual osteopathic treatments. They can talk to their therapist the next time they are in, and find out of that is a beneficial treatment for them, or what another alternative could be!

What is the best way to consume this content?

We know that everyone is very busy! That’s why these videos are around 10 to 15 minutes long. It’s easy to watch a video any time during the day. While on hold, or during your lunch break, or waiting in line for example. But they also don’t require someone to view the video to get the information. Therefore, people can listen to the audio only portion and get the same great information. But they will be able to listen while driving, working out or walking the dog just as an example. All you have to do is go to the playlist on the Healing Point Massage Therapy YouTube channel, and then you can loop the videos, instead of having to open and start a new video each time one ends.

Who are the people in the videos?

Lianna Bergonia, the Healing Point Massage therapy owner and head therapist is in each video. She wants to be in each of the videos herself, as she is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about what she does! You can see the wealth of her knowledge and her passion come through in each video. We know the videos are not of a professional quality, but that’s okay with us! Rather than spending a lot of time on shooting and then editing a professional video. We would much rather shot low budget videos with our own staff to get high quality information, as well as get to know our therapists who will be treating them when they come in.

What if I have a topic I would like covered?

We would be more than happy to consider your topic for a future video! The best way to suggest a topic is to leave a comment on one of our videos on our YouTube channel. Keep watching our YouTube channel, or better yet – subscribe so that you’ll be informed of when new videos – and potentially yours – are posted!

Are you looking for guests in your videos?

We would love to have clients come in and do a video with us! Let us know what type of topic you would like to be included on, or what Healing Point Massage Therapy has helped you with. You can reach out to us any time at info@healingpointmassage.ca