Our Team


We have a team of passionate and caring therapists

Our team is all registered in good standing with Canadian Massage and Manual Osteopathic Therapists Association (CMMOTA),
Certified Registered Massage Therapist
Association (CRMTA), Natural Health Practitioners of Canada (NHPC)
and College and Association of Acupuncturists of Alberta (CAAA).

Lianna Bergonia

Manual Osteopathic Therapist
Registered Massage Therapist
Clinic Owner

st albert massage | leeana herself

Lianna was born and raised in Manila, Philippines. She is the youngest in her family. At a very young age, she would give massages to her family not knowing it will be the career that she would be so passionate about in the future. Her past work experience was in the food service industry which gave her the opportunity to come to Canada in 2011.

She graduated with distinction from 2200 Hour Massage Therapy Diploma Program at Alberta College of Massage Therapy in Edmonton in June 2017. She then decided to start Healing Point Massage Therapy in Perron Street St. Albert in May 2018.

Her passion for helping people to feel better pushed her to take additional training as Manual Osteopathic Therapist to understand causes of pain and discomfort. She graduated with honours from 1180 Hour Manual Osteopathic Therapist Diploma at Manual Osteopathic College of Canada in Edmonton in September 2019. In November 2019, she opened a new clinic in Liberton Medical Center in St. Albert where she was able to invite passionate team of therapists. She also worked part time as a Teaching Assistant for Manual Osteopathic Therapy Program for a year for March 2020 intake. She enjoyed the challenge and the opportunity to help Manual Osteopathic Therapy students achieve success with the program. She is currently a member in good standing of the CMMOTA (Canadian Massage and Manual Osteopathic Therapists Association).

When she is not working, she spends her time with her family with outdoors, biking, camping and enjoying view of the mountains and lakes in the summer. She also loves to watch Netflix cooking and baking shows and dreams about being a contestant at Netflix’s “Nailed It”.

“I love helping people. When people come in for treatment, I am always grateful that they trust me. I see it as an opportunity to help people feel relieved from their chronic pain.” -Lianna

Jennifer Yadao

Registered Massage Therapist

st albert massage | jennifer self

Jen was born in Manila, Philippines. She went to AMA Computer College in Manila and graduated in 1998. Jen started her career and worked as a food server, chef cook, administrative assistant and daycare provider. Jen went to MaKami College in Edmonton and took 3,000 hours of Advanced Clinical Massage Therapy Program and graduated in 2019. She developed expert skills in a variety of modalities including Myofascial Cupping Release, Relaxation Massage Therapy, Hot Stone Massage Therapy, Deep Tissue Massage Therapy, Pre and Post Natal Massage Therapy and Trigger Point Therapy. She studied massage therapy because she wants to know how body and muscles work. “I am amazed how massage can help the body.”

Up until today, she is still a member in good standing of the Certified Registered Massage Therapist Association (CRMTA). She is a kind and caring professional who always puts her clients’ needs and well being first. She wants to make every client feel better physically and mentally and leave with a “wanting to return” experience. During her spare time, Jen loves to watch movies, bake, and walk her dog named Oreo. Jen is a very hardworking and sweet person. The most rewarding thing for her as a massage therapist is whenever she sees her clients feel better and when they achieve their health goals and improve their well-being. Jen’s favorite quote is:
“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”
-Eleanor Roosevelt.

Jen indeed is one of the kindest, most caring person you’ll ever meet.

Ma. Lorie Magusara

Registered Massage Therapist

st albert massage | lorie self

Maria Lorie Magusara, or “Lorie” grew up in the Philippines, she took up a 3000 hour Advanced Massage Therapy Course at Makami College in Edmonton, and graduated in August 2018. Her first job was a caregiver for the sick and Elderly which is her passion.

For Lorie, Massage Therapy is a profession that helps and cares for people, similar to a caregiver job. The main purpose of massage for her is to help our clients achieve a better quality of life as one of the many benefits of regular Massage. One fun trivia about her is that she loves singing at the church even though she doesn’t have a good singing voice. (As she claims but we’re sure she can sing and is just being humble. 🙂 ) Her hobbies are cooking, cleaning. gardening. reading, and walking.

The most rewarding part of being a Massage Therapist for Lorie is when her client tells her after massage that they are feeling better, they can move, pain is gone, or a simple thank you. ” All of these satisfying words make me smile and happy.” Her favorite quote is “Behind the clouds is the sun still shining.” by Abraham Lincoln. Lorie is a caring person with a very positive outlook that will make clients leave the clinic with the most satisfied smile.

Ivy Castillo

Registered Massage Therapist
Manual Osteopathic Therapy Student

st albert massage | ivy self

Ivy grew up in the Philippines. She finished a 2200 hour Massage Therapy Diploma program at Alberta College of Massage Therapy in Edmonton in February 2021 and she is now a Manual Osteopathy student. She is a member in good standing of the NHPC (Natural Health Practitioners of Canada). In the earlier part of her career she was in the food service industry and then switched to massage profession because she wants to help people in pain or people suffering from stress. For her, massage is a client’s ticket to having a stress free life for the next hour.

“Helping others even for that short amount of time can have a great impact on the rest of their life.” She may look sweet from the outside but what people don’t know about her is that she is a tough person. “I am a tough person who has made it through tough times. ” Her favorite quote is “ I don’t set goals. I set intention” from Maryam Hasnaa. Ivy is a fun and determined person who is passionate with helping free people suffering from stress and pain.

Celena Voshall

Registered Massage Therapist

st albert massage | ivy self

Celena grew up in Edmonton.  She is adept in combining skills and experience as a teacher and an educational leader for the last 16 years, with those as a registered massage therapist for the last 27 years.

She challenged Second Year Advanced Massage Exams at CDI College in 2018, Certified Reflexology Therapist at Tri-Essence Academy in 1997, Certified Sports Massage Therapist in Alpine Sports Academy in 1998. She took her training with physiotherapist and RNs at Edmonton Metro/Continuing Education in 1995.  

Celena is passionate about massage and education. She currently is a Director/Owner and Instructor CV School of Continuing Massage Education. She worked as a Massage Therapy Instructor at CDI College in Edmonton. She loves to help people and she taught blind students to massage. Before pursuing her career in the massage industry, she worked spas, chiropractic clinics, from small places to multimillion dollar spas in the Anguilla, Caribbean.

Celena loves to paint during her spare time and her mantra is “Live, Laugh, Love.  

It is such a joy and privilege working with Celena with the most extensive education and experience in Massage.

Desire Johnson, RAc, BSc

Registered Acupuncturist

st albert massage | pins in back

Desire was born in Langley, BC, but grew up in all 3 western provinces. 
At the early part of her career, she worked as a server, an aide for an autistic individual and as a Physiotherapy aide/assistant.
She graduated with a bachelor degree in Science in Biology from Burman University in 2016 and from MacEwan University in 2021 with a Diploma in Acupuncture. 
Desire is passionate in helping people become the best version of themselves, physically, mentally and emotionally. Acupuncture allows her to create individualized treatment plans that address all areas of wellness. 
Originally, Acupuncture was her back-up plan, after planning to get her Masters of Physiotherapy where she was waitlisted for the program, but didn’t make it in. She took the acupuncture program at MacEwan as a back-up and to improve her GPA. In her first semester, she got a 4.0 and loved the program. She didn’t reapply for physiotherapy, and haven’t looked back since then.
Her greatest accomplishment as a practitioner is the progress she sees in the people she helps. It is incredibly rewarding to see a client be able to move in a way they couldn’t before, become pain-free, feel mentally refreshed, sleep better, etc. 
She has travelled to over 13 countries in 3 continents, and is a huge concert junkie. Fun fact about her is she has an irrational fear of earthworms and played violin for 5yrs.
When not working, she likes to spend time outdoors with her husband and dog! She loves reading, playing (and making) music and trying new activities!
With this pandemic, she really likes the quote “Tough times never last, but tough people do”, by Robert H. Schuller! We will all get through this together!

Her preferred modalities include acupuncture, electroacupuncture, auricular acupuncture, cupping, moxibustion, tuina massage and guasha. She is committed to helping patients achieve wellness in all areas of their life.

Roselyn Borras

Registered Massage Therapist

st albert massage | pins in back

Roselyn grew up in Batangas City, Philippines. She took up Bachelor of Science in Nursing in the Philippines and started as a Caregiver back in 2015 in Canada. She then decided to shift profession in MassageTherapy to help people whose suffering problems with their body, experiencing muscle pain, help people in treating to all kinds of problems in nerves, ligaments & muscles.
She successfully completed 3000 hour Advanced Massage Therapy Course at Makami College in Edmonton, and graduated in December 2017. She specializes in facial massage and foot massage, deep tissue, relaxation, cupping, hot stone and also started taking Thai massage courses. Roselyn is most passionate in her faith and attends prayer meetings and loves to pray always. Roselyn is kind, fun to be with and loves to care for others. She is such a rare gem.