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St. Albert Massage Therapy | Destined To Be A Business Owner

And what made you decide to become an entrepreneur at St. Albert Massage Therapy? I know everyone wants to know the answer to that question. Yes. So I feel like I’m just always a shy kind of phase. But I always kind of, you know, have the passion to like, to go, go, go and never give up. Like in the university I had, like, so many struggles. I feel like this such a good training in school, when you have all these deadlines and everything and everything. And like I feel like I have instilled in myself. I feel like I have this kind of passion, okay?

Great Massage Therapists Need The Right Attitude

Business one day and all that stuff. And then I remember, a friend of mine back in university and he’s like telling me. That he likes the attitude of like me saying, why not? Like I always say, why not? That’s so nice! And it’s like, yeah, so, then he gave me this book says: What Makes a Winner: Principles from the Bible for Business and Life. And then it’s just a very nice book and I still have it with me. And yeah, just kind of inspiring. So yeah, I think that’s it, I just love to live. I think that’s the one reason why I’m starting this exciting year, here at St. Albert Massage Therapy.

Working Hard To Help Clients

Just one question. Why not? I love it. Yeah. Why not? So what made you decide to start a business in your industry? So when I decided when I started on my own practice in May in 2018 and in a small, like, like a hundred square feet kind of room where I just put my table in. And yeah, just working and then I was I started to school. I wasn’t getting it time off. And then I knew in my heart, I know the business is just in my future. I would love to do that.

So I, but I didn’t expect that it. It’s here, like right in the next, you know, in the future right away. Right. And I thought: oh, maybe it’s like few years from now I can expand the business. But then like, as a demand, kind of like for like, you know, one client and then bringing their friends. And, you know, bringing their family and that. So like, I think if I can bring some more therapists that have the same passions as me. Then, there you go, I found one therapist, and then next service, and then we just started from there. That’s great. Yeah, find the right people, that’s always so important.

Balancing Clients And Business And Family

Yeah, and the same, passion is like what you do and then you help build that. Thank you, so build a great team. I love it – and what is the most difficult part of your business? Yeah, so definitely starting, starting the business is the most difficult. Like, we went through a lot of struggles and sleepless nights and like, since I finished school. If you would like to know more, contact St. Albert Massage Therapy today.

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St. Albert Massage Therapy | A Strong Entrepreneur And Therapist

And then, you know, I had struggles with renovations at St. Albert Massage Therapy. And then with my location. All that, those little things, you know like making all the hard decisions like by yourself. And, yeah, I’m super helpful with my family, my friends and my husband for sure. That’s really helped me a lot with all the little things and the materials, they, really adjusted what, you know, for, they really adjusted so much so that I can do what I need to be done, right? That’s great! Yeah.

Massage Therapy Is Rewarding

And how about the most rewarding part of your business? Yes. I love this question because, you know, after each hard day work, I can definitely provide financially for, my family. And give the highest level of service to the clients, for sure. Number one and, you know, gaining trust from them. Yeah, and then as a business owner, you know, each individual. But as a business, as a team we’re getting better, we can try to get the trust from each individual client in each individual client that comes in to St. Albert Massage Therapy.

Providing For Family And Community

And yeah, so number two, being able to hire local therapist right. To help that. Sure, so important. And then number three, you know, providing financially for my family and then number four, it is really knowledge experience. You can’t just get it, you know, from a book. And then here you go, all this experience, all these that’s its true, it’s not there. It’s like everything I’m getting from here, and I’m just so happy to be that I can able to experience those things.

Helping More People In The Future

That’s great. That must be so rewarding. Yes. And where do you see yourself in five years? Oh, five years from now. Hopefully all the therapists are staying still with me. Yeah. Staying happy with their team for sure. And yeah. And then to be able to maybe hire more services that can help, like with reflexology, and other services that can help like as a whole. For the whole wellness for our clients and that compliments each of the other therapies. Right, so its kind of nice too. And then the first, grow more as a business owner and career-wise so yeah, so yea. That’s where, I see myself within five years.

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That’s great big plans for five years. I can’t wait, all right. And that’s all the time we have for today. Thank you so much for joining us on Healing Point St. Albert Massage Therapy YouTube channel. If you enjoyed the video, hit like. And if you would like to know more about massage therapy and manual osteopathic therapy hit subscribe. Thank you and until next time please take care of yourself, thank you.