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Massage Therapy St Albert | Massage Therapy or Deep Tissue Massage

Thanks so much for joining us again. This is the Healing Point Massage Therapy YouTube channel, and joined as always by the owner Lianna Bergonia. Hi! I have a little quote for you guys: massage therapy has been shown to relieve depression, especially people who have chronic fatigue syndrome. So thats nice that we can help so many things with a massage, right? So many things! Well, I found a statistic that says only 17% of Canadians get massage therapy. This is according to the university center for health studies. We aren’t getting enough massages. We all need one. There’s a lot of people that should come see you.

Regular Massages Are So Necessary

Yes, I like to recognize that they need a massage, but do not know what type of massage to go for. So what what’s suitable for them, what they need. That’s, that’s one thing that I was wondering about.

Because I know that you do relaxation and deep tissue massage techniques. So why don’t you tell viewers at home what the difference between the two are.

So deep tissue massage, focuses on the deeper layer of muscle and connective tissue in your body, uh, by using firm pressure and slow deliberate strokes. So deep tissue techniques use slower in deeper getting into that layer and Swedish, or relaxation massages use a system of long gliding. Long strokes need friction techniques on the more superficial layers, the more the top layer of our skin. Moving the muscles generally in the direction of blood flow, which is towards the heart. So it’s different.

The Right Massage Technique Matters

So deep tissue, does that mean, deep pressure or a lot of pressure for the massage? No, actually deep tissue means going through each layer of muscle and work the, the tissue individually. So each stroke has a purpose: deep and slow strokes to get into each layer of the muscle. So we can really work on not just the superficial layers of tissue, but the deeper layers. So sometimes it feels deeper, but we are actually massaging into the muscle. Okay.

So what is deep tissue massage?  So the goal of deep tissue massage is to help break up scar tissue which is often the cause of continuous pain and stiffness or from injury. So those are scar tissues. So by doing either a cross fiber or along with the fibro deeper strokes, like straight, its intention is to release the chronic tension or chronic patterns in the body. So yeah, that’s the goal for, for that technique.

Release Your Happy Chemicals

So what are the benefits of deep tissue massage? So the benefit is a very good for acute or chronic pain. You high blood pressure or, you know, just faster heating to muscle injury and overused by increasing blood flow to the area. So watch us before in our previous video about just reducing inflammation. So that’s the benefit of, or the goal of relaxation massage. So relaxation massage on either hand, because of the smooth and long strokes, it’s very calming and relaxing.

When the muscle are relaxed, it brings more blood flow by increasing temperature of the soft tissues. So actually this stimulates the release of  endorphins and serotonin, as well as dopamine. These are all helpful hormones that lower stress and improve relaxation. So wow – release those happy chemicals! Yes! Happy chemicals!

Massage Therapy St Albert | Many Benefits of Massage

And so, what are the benefits of relaxation massage? Yeah. So the benefits promote general relaxation, improves regulation and range of motion and relieve muscle tension, which can help you sleep at night. You think better when you sleep well. So yeah, those are nice benefits of that. Excellent, so how do I know which type of massage I need Lianna?

So if you have an ongoing pain condition or have a job that requires repetitive movement or sitting or standing job consider getting deep tissue massage to treat the area of tension and, and muscle that gets tight. And then of course, if you’re dealing with stress and get tense around your shoulder, your neck and deep tissue techniques might be too much for you, or it’s not your favorite, then consider booking a relaxation massage.

Relieving Stress Is So Important

Ultimately, the therapist will tell you what you will need because relaxation does not mean just all like strokes, right? So if your therapist actually finds a trigger point, we know that when you release that it is going help you relax too, because you don’t have any tension there. So, it’ll be explained why that needs to be addressed and treated and then continue with the style that you prefer.

So we just a little bit of, trigger point release and work on the scar tissue, but you could still be able to get, you know, a nice relaxing massage after. So should deep tissue massage hurt. While there may be a pain, but it should be manageable and should never feel unbearable in your muscles. That will be too much if that happens.

Breathe Properly During Your Massage

I always tell my clients to breathe, to breathe, especially working with trigger points or any of those scar issue treatment techniques. You know, we just coordinate the pressure just as a client coordinate what you feel to your therapist is so important. You will likely be sore for the next few days after your deep tissue massage.

That’s normal, make sure you drink a glass of water as well as you get regular deep tissue massage though your muscle will get loose and it’s not going to be as painful as your first treatment. So as you regularly get massages, it will be a nice, nice kind massage instead of just being hurtful. So get a regular massage.

Regular Massage Treatments Are Beneficial

So how often is regular? You say regular massage, how often should I get a deep tissue or relaxation massage? So, depending on if there’s a chronic pain going on, you know, come, we usually advise come in once a week or every two weeks for the session to help create the area to take a specific on there. And then you can either go twice a month or once a month, depending on your progress, because sometimes it’s different for everyone.

And then, then there’s a maintenance massage is when you get that once a month, massages that where you just maintain it and then keep it up with stretches and exercises so that you stay feeling better. So it’s nice. I hope that one day you don’t have to deal with all painful trigger points and like you get to just maintain that by getting those regular massages, and keep coming regularly.

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Yes, I’d rather than see a regular every month than have them only coming in once year, that’s not very good. Wonderful, well thanks so much! I know we learned so much about the difference between relaxation and deep tissue massage. If you are interested in experiencing the difference, you can come to Healing Point Massage Therapy, they’d be more than happy to give you one of each. Yes, absolutely! Always call 780-569-3838 or a book online at healing point massage Thank you, wonderful! And they should definitely like and subscribe our YouTube channel. Yes, absolutely – thank you!