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Massage Therapy St. Albert | The Founder’s Story

Hi there, welcome back to the Healing Point. Massage Therapy St. Albert, YouTube channel. My name is Alana and this is Lianna Bergonia. Hello, she’s the owner and therapist of healing point massage therapy in St. Albert. She’ll be sharing her story with us today.

Massage Helps You Take Care Of Your Body

Yeah, thank you, Alana, yeah, I just wanted to share you this quote from Jim Ron. So it’s take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live. I love that. Isn’t that nice? That’s so true, that you only have that one body. So you just have to take care of it. Absolutely, I love it. Thank you. There’s an estimated 10,000 massage therapists practicing across Canada. 4,800 in Alberta alone. That’s fascinating. I didn’t know. there were so many, yeah.

Registered Massage Therapists Go To Post Secondary

And it’s a last school year, so it’s kind of nice to get more therapists, right? So I’m going to be sharing to you. So I grew up actually giving massages to various members of my family. Oh, that’s great. From an early age, so I just never knew that that would be a career for me because I thought I’m just, you know, getting rid of my parents or my siblings pain and all that from working. So like just having fun with Massage Therapy St. Albert and yeah. That’s so great, I love that.

Destined To Be A Massage Therapist

So Lianna, why don’t you tell me, where did you grow up? Yeah, I grew up in, I’m from Manila, Philippines, so it’s kind of, like a little city was come with the call of that city there. So it’s like a boundary of the city and the province. I feel like I’m still in the province because you know, we’re still able to have lot of chickens, you know, little pigs and cats and dogs.

A Diverse Background Helps A Massage Therapist

And then there’s, we’re able to grow our own vegetables and fruits, yeah. So it’s kind of nice. I miss it, it’s a little bit nicer down there than here. That’s great, I bet the weather’s a little nicer than Canada? Yeah, yes. It’s just sunny or so, but yeah, no terrible winters. No terrible winters that’s amazing.

Many Experiences Before Becoming A Therapist

Where did you go to school? So I went to school just in our town and then university. I went to university of the Philippines, Los Banos. So it’s quite far so had to get an apartment there, so there’s something to stay at. So in 2011 where when I move here to Canada as a temporary foreign worker and worked at Tim Horton’s. So once I got my permanent residents papers, I was able to study in Edmonton for my massage therapy diploma. Wow, yeah, that’s quite the journey to get here to Massage Therapy St. Albert.

Massage Therapy St. Albert | Understanding The Hard Work Of Entrepreneurship

Massage Therapy St Albert

All right, and what was your first job before Massage Therapy St. Albert? Oh, okay. So actually I feel like when I, when we were little, we were just helping our parents a lot with their business because they’re both they’re dress makers. So at home we had lots of, you know things just to help them out. So I feel like that’s a job for me because we just have to wake up at 2:00 AM, help them out.

Massage Therapists Need Great Customer Service

Wow, deadlines! And if they’re awake, we’re awake. So just keep helping them then as a family business. But actual first paying job that I had was in the department store in the mall. Suzy Sheer and then since then to the food service industry. Okay. So just like from there to, to here, when I, when I get, when I got here. Wow. Broad range of experiences, it’s great! Lots of customer service experience to Massage Therapy St. Albert.

Many Years of Experiences

So I know everybody wants know as well as I do. How long have you been working in your current industry? I feel like I’m working in the industry since I was young when I first told this story. But just over four years for massage therapy course. And for massage therapy, as a massage therapist over almost two years for my therapy. Wow. Yeah, so it’s kind of nice and I’m definitely still enjoying what I’m doing. Great – that’s important, it’s so important.

A Great RMT Requires Passion For Helping People

So why are you passionate about what you do? Yeah, it’s kind of good question. So I think I, my kind of first time I fell in love with what I, what I do is when my parents kind of believe in me. So when, when I was young, so he told me, you have this, you have this healing hands, you have this, like I have tiny hands and then like you have a gift. I think, I think you can do this. Yeah. So I’m like I don’t know. I just love doing it.

Enjoying Helping Eliminate Aches And Pains

And then yeah. So this kind of yeah, I realized that because that time I just like to help them with their pain. And I remember when my dad is like, okay, can you massage my back? And he’s like, so I was just going to and massage him and finding this, all these trigger points in the back. I didn’t know what that is. I know there’s, they’re all like hard part in the, in his back and like it’s going to be that hurts. That was okay. Fine. I’m not going to massage him if you’re going to say ow, okay? I’m just going to be saying yes please.

So, wow. I am going to remember that, that’s great. Contact Massage Therapy St. Albert for your massage today!