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Massage Therapy St. Albert | Resolving Your Pain With Treatments

The goal of all of the therapists at massage therapy St. Albert. Is to help people resolve any of their pain. They firmly believe that nobody needs to live in pain. And they work towards this goal collectively.
Massage Therapy St. Albert

The clinic, located on St. Albert Trail. In the beautiful city of St. Albert, just north of Edmonton. Had started with a simple goal in mind. To help people feel good in their own body. They believe that nobody.

Should live with pain. Whether it is chronic, or not. And that is the driving force. Behind this clinic. They have several therapists on staff. Who are all registered massage therapists.

This means they have taken a registered massage therapy college course. That took a minimum of three years. And then, had to write a standardized test. Allowing them to operate. As a registered massage therapist in Canada.

In order to complete the designation of RMT. These therapists also had to undergo. Three thousand hours of massages. Under the watchful supervision of another registered massage therapist.

Or from an instructor of a massage therapy class. This means, people who have earned the designation of RMT. Our incredibly knowledgeable. T he staff at healing point massage therapy all have this designation.

Which means they are all incredibly skilled. And knowledgeable in treating the body, and its many causes of aches and pains. Whether people have chronic health conditions.

Such as multiple sclerosis, scoliosis or Crohn’s disease for example. They are going to be able. To resolve the muscle aches and pains. Associated with their conditions. Perhaps someone has had a accident.

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Or a medical treatment done. Such as they have been battling cancer for several months. There also going to be able. To resolve their pain through regular massage therapy St. Albert treatments.

Even if people do not have a medical condition. That has cause them to be in pain. Just the act of going about their daily life. Could cause them to develop muscle aches and pains. Particularly if people.

Are not stretching their muscles. And resolving that tension on their own. For example, people might have a job. That cause them repetitive stress injuries. Or, simply by sitting in a chair. For many hours a day.

In the wrong posture could cause them pain. Even the hobbies that people have, such as gardening, rollerblading or skiing. Can also cause muscle aches and pains. And they believe at massage therapy St. Albert.

That this pain is not necessary to live with.The pain is a recent occurrence. Or people have been living with pain. And have been taking over-the-counter pain medication for years.

They are going to be able to resolve a lot of that pain. Through regular treatments at healing point massage therapy. It is very important that people understand. That massage is not a magic bullet.

They are going to have to not only come in. For regular treatments. Until their pain is resolved. But any and all advice. That their therapist gives them. Such as stretching, taking breaks.

Or engaging in other exercises. Will help them heal in time as well.

Massage Therapy St. Albert | Resolve Your Pain With Consistent Treatments

When people make their first appointment at massage therapy St. Albert. At healing point massage therapy, they often have. Pain that they are wanting to resolve. There are many reasons why they have pain.

And this is the perfect clinic for that pain to get resolved. Because the goal of all of the therapists at this clinic. Is to help people. Resolve their pain, and live their best life. Regardless of the reason behind the pain.

The staff is incredibly knowledgeable and skilled. In several different modalities. Designed to relieve people’s pain. And help them have a happy, pain-free life. Doing all of the activities they enjoy.

The first thing to note, is that all of the staff. Our registered massage therapists. This is a specific designation. That involves taking three years of post secondary. Passing at standardized federal test.

As well as performing three thousand hours of massages. Under the watchful eye of an instructor. In addition to massage therapy, the staff are also trained. In what is called Swedish relaxation massage.

What this is, is at technique. Of relaxing the muscles. So that as people relax, so to their muscles. And it can help them. Avoid tensing their muscles up. That cause them pain in the first place.

Whether people need massage therapy or a relaxation massage. Can be discussed with their practitioner in advance. However, it is not just massage therapy. That can help people heal their bodies.

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But also, it is important for people to understand. There are many different modalities in addition to massage therapy St. Albert treatments. One important modality for people to know.

Is called manual osteopathic therapy. This sounds like a mouthful. But it is much simpler than what it sounds like. A therapist that has taken additional schooling. On top of their registered massage therapy designation.

Has learned how to manipulate the fascia in the body. This is a thin coating. Underneath the skin. But covering the muscles. That is assigned to protect the body. Many people are aware of what planters fascia is.

And that is when the fascia that is displaced. And is underneath the feet. This can happen all over a patient’s body. In the manual osteopathic therapist. Gently manipulates the body. In order to put.

The fascia back where it belongs. In order to minimize pain. They also have an act interest on staff. Whose goal is to help people. Resolve any of the health problems they have. Acupuncture uses pressure points.

Through an ancient Chinese technique. And it can resolve more than just pain. For more information, patients can make an appointment. If people have questions. Or they would like to experience.

The healing benefits of massage. All they have to do is contact massage therapy St. Albert today. They can visit the website. Or pick up the phone. In order to talk to one of the educated staff members.

So they may book an appointment. And take the first steps towards pain-free living today.