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Massage Therapy St. Albert | Living With Pain Not Necessary

A common reason why people visit massage therapy St. Albert. Is because they want to relieve chronic pain. Whether the chronic pain is from a medical condition. Or they simply have body aches and pains.
Massage Therapy St. Albert

That are stubborn, and refused to go away. There are many reasons why people are in pain. From repeated activities. That cause them a number of issues. Or from injuries that they may have had and forgot about.

Even chronic health conditions, such as multiple sclerosis, scoliosis. Or things like Crohn’s disease and colitis. Can cause the body to react in various ways. Such as tensing up, and causing muscular pain.

Regardless of why people have pain. Massage therapy St. Albert. At a clinic called healing point massage therapy can help. Not only do they have many massage therapists on staff. That are standing by, trained and ready.

To help people relieve their pain. Through massage therapy. This means they are registered massage therapists. Having passed the three year course at many of the colleges in the country.

But also, they also had to have passed a standardized test. As well as have performed three thousand hours. Of supervised massages. Under the watchful eye of another registered massage therapist, or a trainer at the college.

Therefore, anyone who is able. To earn the risk registered massage therapist designation. Is incredibly skilled. And incredibly knowledgeable. People who are working at healing point massage therapy, are very passionate.

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About helping people heal. Which is what brought them to this clinic in the first place. However, they are not just prepared. To help people heal through regular massage therapy.

They have learned additional skills and modalities. So that they have a multifaceted approach. To helping people heal. Regardless of what is causing them pain. The first thing that they offer at healing point massage therapy.

In addition to massage therapy St. Albert treatments. Is something that is called cupping, is an add-on. To the regular massage treatments that people can get. Cupping is named appropriately so. Because they use soft silicone cops.

That use gentle suction, when placed on the patient’s skin. That gently draws blood to the areas. That are in pain. What this does, is increases blood flow. And because blood contains nutrients.

The area is better equipped. To heal the injury and resolve the pain. Because of the blood flow bringing nutrients to the area. While many people are nervous about cupping. It is because the increased blood flow.

Causes the skin to be temporarily during treatment. It is an extremely effective way. To treat the body, especially in an area. Where they have stubborn aches and pains. That are not easily going away.

They can also use hot stone massage. Which, just like the name suggests. Uses’s move flat stones. Heated up to a hot, but tolerable temperature. The therapist and then places the stone on the sore muscle. During this treatment.

What that does, is it allows the muscle to relax more deeply. Because of the heat, and then to the therapist. Is able to work the muscle more effectively. And resolve the pain.

Massage Therapy St. Albert | Living With Chronic Pain Is Not Necessary.

When people visit massage therapy St. Albert. They often have pain that they want to resolve. And they are going to be able to get that help here. In addition to registered massage therapy treatments. There are many different modalities, and therapists. That can help heal a variety of issues.

One thing that sets this clinic apart from many others, is the fact. That they have an acupuncturist on staff. They use pressure points, and tiny needles. To help treat people, and a wide variety of health issues.

First of all, the acupuncturist needs to be specially trained. And the acupuncturist they have on staff is in fact a Dr. of acupuncture. Which means they are incredibly knowledgeable. They can treat a wide variety of issues.

And depending on what the person is suffering from. They can get that treated or resolved. Whether it is pain issues, or something like headaches, gastrointestinal distress. Stress, or more.

When people come in for their regular massage therapy St. Albert treatment. They can ask therapist. If they would benefit from acupuncture. And set up an appointment with this therapist, for more information.

Besides massage therapy, acupuncture. Is the second most highly sought after service. From healing point massage therapy in St. Albert. Another treatment that sets this clinic apart from others in the area.

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Is the fact that they have a manual osteopathic therapist on staff. This is a unique treatment, that utilizes. Gentle manipulation of the body. To help the body resolve many pain issues.

Underneath the skin, and over the muscles. Is what is called fascia. People are often very familiar with a medical condition. Called planters fasciitis. Where this thin layer of material.

Becomes displaced, and balls up underneath their feet. It can be painful. But regular treatments can resolve this. However, what people might not know. Is that this fascia can become displaced. Over many different areas of their body.

Manual osteopathic therapy. Gently guides the fascia back into order. So that people do not feel pain in different areas of the body. It may take multiple sessions. In addition to massage therapy St. Albert treatments. In order to resolve pain.

But often, people need more than just massage therapy. And they will be able to get that at healing point massage therapy. Whether they want at healing massage therapy session.

Or they want to relax, they can get a Swedish relaxation massage here. In addition to that, they will be also able to get cupping massages, hot stone massages and more. When healing the body is the goal.

There going to be able to get that at healing point massage therapy. Through many different therapists and modalities. It is more than just a massage therapy St. Albert clinic.

If people are looking to book in for an appointment. They should visit the website at Or they can pick up the phone and call the clinic for more information today.