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Massage Therapy St. Albert | Does Slouching Cause Problems

A common problem in Canada according to massage therapy St. Albert. Is that the majority of Canadians are suffering. Or will suffer from back problems at some point in their lifetime.
Massage Therapy St. Albert

Back problems are actually Canada’s most common chronic condition. An overwhelming for out of five Canadians. Will experience at least one episode. Of back pain at some point in their lives. However, the most common frequency.

Of back pain in Canadians is between the ages. Of thirty years of age and fifty. Something else that Canadians need to consider. Is that back problems with regular frequency. Between men and women.

Therefore, because chronic back problems are such a problem in Canada. One thing that massage therapy St. Albert wants Canadians to know. Is that they can fix the problem.

But more important than that, some preventative measures. Can help people avoid developing back pain in the first place. For example, if people learn how to hold the correct posture.

That will help mitigate back pain. Even from starting in the first place. Slouching, or not standing or sitting correctly. Is actually a much larger problem. Then many people realize in Canada.

When people are sitting. Especially because so many Canadians. Have desk jobs, where they have to sit for eight hours a day. Incorrect posture while sitting. It can cause a whole host of body problems.

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For example, people must have the right chair. One that supports their seat. As well as their lower and upper back. If a person is sitting in their chair. With their back straight, the chair should support their lower back.

Which means the chair should be pressed against their lower and upper back. The same amount. If people find that there is a gap between their lower back and the back of the chair. They should get a new chair.

Or at least, get a lumbar pillow. That they can put behind them. So that their lower back is supported. This can help support great posture. While sitting for an entire eight hour shift at work.

As well, they should be sitting with their feet flat on the ground, bent at a 90° angle. And the desk that they are sitting at. Should allow their elbows to bend at a 90° angle as well.

If people have their chair too high or too low. They are causing more hip problems than they may realize. And if their desk is too high. Their shoulders will not be able to relax.

And holding that poor posture the entire day. Can cause people to not only develop back problems. That hip, shoulder and neck problems as well. It is increasingly common for companies to bring in.

Desks that can be adjusted. Higher, lower or even raised to standing. So that not only can people make the correct posture. Depending on their body shape and type. But they can also stand the desk up.

Massage Therapy St. Albert | Slouching Causes Back Problems

So that they do not have to sit the entire shift if they do not want to. For more helpful tips. People can visit massage therapy St. Albert. At healing point massage therapy for tips, and massages to help them relax.

While many people suffer from back problems says massage therapy St. Albert. They may not realize they are part of a larger epidemic. Of Canadians suffering from back problems.

Not only is it the most common chronic condition in Canada. But an overwhelming 80% of Canadians will eventually develop. At least one instance of a sore back at some point in their lifetime.

This is very concerning says massage therapy St. Albert. Especially because this is unavoidable problem. If Canadians can learn. How to correct their posture. They will be more likely.

To avoid developing back problems in the first place. For example, great posture while sitting is important. Having the knees bent at a 90° angle. The lower back supported. And shoulders able to fully relax.

By having the desk at the right height. As well, when people are looking at their computer monitor. They should not have to crane their neck up or down. But simply look straight ahead.

However, while many Canadians have desk jobs. And sit for eight hours a day. This is not the only way. That they can develop back problems. Due to poor posture. A huge problem in holding poor posture.

Is a little piece of technology that almost everyone has in their pocket. The smart phone, has increased our ability. To communicate quickly and effectively.

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As well as stay connected, and have games at our fingertips. However, massage therapy St. Albert says this is not beneficial. To helping people develop good posture. Many people may not realize that looking at their smart phone.

Creates the problems that it does. The first one, is that most people look down their phones. Which means there neck is going to be strained. To hold be held in the awkward position.

The more people are on their phones. The more strain on their neck they can expect. Since the neck is the top of the spine. And connected to the back. Massage therapy St. Albert says many people do not realize.

That their sore back is actually caused. By bad neck position. From looking at their smart phone all day. While the obvious solution is to get people off of their smart phones so much. This is not as easy as it sounds.

Instead, a recommendation is. For people to get smart phone holders. Where they can place the phone at a high-level. That people do not have to be. Looking down so often. To use this technology.

As well, there are many stretches people can do. As well as getting massages at regular intervals. If people would like to know what stretches are beneficial. Or if they would like to make massage a regular part of their wellness plan.

All they have to do is contact healing point massage therapy. Not only do they have many registered massage therapists on staff. But they also will be able to help people. Overcome their back problems. With massage, stretches and exercises.