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Massage Therapy St. Albert | Does Bad Posture Cause Pain

Not only is back pain a huge problem in Canada according to massage therapy St. Albert. But most instances of chronic back pain. Can be attributed to poor posture.
Massage Therapy St. Albert

Poor posture can happen when people are sitting. When they are standing, while they are walking. Or when people are at their job. Poor posture can take a wide variety of forms. And it may not worked initially.

In fact, it may not hurt for many years. But a lifetime of poor posture. Does lead to chronic back pain. Not only is it the most common chronic condition in Canada. But four out of five adults.

Will experience back pain at some point in their life. Usually between the ages of thirty and fifty. There is no difference between the number of men. And the number of women who get chronic back issues.

While there are many things that can be done to fix back pain. Once a person is experiencing the painful condition. Massage therapy St. Albert says it is easier. To prevent back pain from happening.

This means learning from an early age. What good posture is. And getting into the habit. Of holding good posture. Whether people are relaxing at home and watching television. Sitting at their desk, or engaging in any of their hobbies.

However, most people do not think to correct their posture. Until they are experiencing pain. And they walked through the doors of healing point massage therapy. Complaining that they are in pain.

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While massage therapy can help people. With chronic back problems, this is an issue. That will take time to fix. And more than just one or two massages. Will be needed in order to help people. Live pain-free again.

A significant benefit of dealing with chronic pain at Healing Point Massage Therapy. Is the fact that they have several different modalities. That they utilize to help address whatever pain people are experiencing.

Not only do they have massage.therapy. That utilizes deep tissue massage. But they also engage in relaxation massage. Also known as Swedish massage. They have a reflexologist on staff.

That uses pressure points in the feet. To fix a variety of problems. They also have an osteopath. That can gently manipulate the fascia back into its place. That can cause a lot of the pain that people are experiencing from poor posture.

And finally, they have an acupuncturist on staff. That can help kickstart the healing. Especially for muscles that have been experiencing. Poor posture for decades at a time.

As well, they will be able to teach each patient. Different stretches they can do. That will aid the massage therapist. In minimizing and eliminating the pain. The stretches only need to be done a few minutes every day.

In order to help relieve the pain from poor posture. And work to ensure that a person does not engage in the activities. That will cause them to have pain come back once it is fixed.

Massage Therapy St. Albert | Does Your Poor Posture Cause Pain

Massage can help significantly says massage therapy St. Albert. If a person has pain, regardless of what the pain is from. However, chronic back pain. The most common chronic condition in Canada.

And most often is caused by poor posture. Therefore, massage therapy St. Albert has made their mission. To eliminate poor posture. In order to help Canadians avoid chronic back pain.

They will work with patients. In order to massage the muscles back into order. So that they are no longer pained. However, they want to work with each patient as well. To ensure that they are not sitting, standing or working.

In a posture that will undo the hard work. Of minimizing and eliminating a person’s pain. That posture causes back pain. Because a person is not allowing their muscles to support their body and bones.

For example, poor posture when someone is sitting at their desk. Might include drooping their shoulders. Curling their shoulders in. Allowing their head to droop, so that their neck is curved in an unnatural position.

They may sit in their chair so that their back is curved. Or simply sitting. So that the curve of their back is not supported. People can get a lumbar pillow. Or a pillow to sit on.

If the chairs that they have work or not effective. And helping them sit with great posture. People might have poor posture while they are standing. It is extremely common says massage therapy St. Albert.

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For people to stand with all of the weight on one leg or the other. This might feel very comfortable. But it is actually causing pain for the hips. The hips do not like being an even like this. And over time, this will cause back pain as well.

Another problem that people have while standing. Is that they lock their knees. Which also puts pressure on their body in different ways. Including on their back.

Everyone has heard that you are supposed to lift with your knees. And not with your back. And it is cliché for good reasons says massage therapy St. Albert. People are typically doing activities and chores.

In ways that are hurting their body. There massage therapist will be able to share with them. The ways that they should be lifting, pulling. Or doing their hobbies. So that they do not end up with more pain.

It is also important that people share with their massage therapist. What types of hobbies they do engage in. One patient continually complained of shoulder and neck pain. Despite the fact that they had great posture at work.

And only a few months later, they discovered his new hobby. Was learning how to play the guitar. Which was the culprit for all of its pain. Learning how to overcome pain.

Means learning how to move, stretch. And what posture people need to have. As well as regular massages at massage therapy St. Albert. In order to relax the muscles. And minimize the pain.