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Massage Therapy St Albert | Different Services To Try

In addition to regular registered massage therapy St Albert. There are many different types of treatments, modalities and services. That people can experience. For some people, all they need.
Massage Therapy St. Albert

Our regular deep tissue massages. Done by a registered massage therapist. While other people, require or simply enjoy. A variety of different modalities. Whether it relaxes them to a deeper level.

Or if it does a better job at leaving their aches and pains. This is why healing point massage therapy. Offers a wide variety of services and modalities at their St Albert clinic.

While all of their therapists are registered massage therapists. That are very skilled in deep tissue massage. As well as relaxation massage, such as Swedish relaxation techniques.

They also have a wide variety of other modalities. That they utilize in addition to their massages. To help relieve trigger points. Relax muscles. That are holding a lot of tension. And heal the muscles effectively.

One of the common treatments that they utilize. Is called a grassed and techniques. Where they utilize implements of varying sizes and shapes. That are made out of stainless steel.

These implements are designed. To breakup scar tissue that is forming in and around the muscle. That can cause a significant amount of pain. For example, someone who has been in a car accident.

And has experienced whiplash, may have a wide amount. Of scar tissue at the base of their neck. Where the injury initially occurred. They might have reoccurring headaches. And they could have several trigger points.

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That cause pain to shoot down their back, their spine and their arms. In addition to regular massage therapy St Albert treatments. The therapist may recommend this grassed and techniques. Where they use the tool.

To break up the scar tissue. And with time, this can help they headaches lesson. Or become eliminated completely. Due to the healing of what was previously considered. Something that could not heal in a body.

Grassed and techniques can be done on virtually every part of a person’s body. With many professional athletes swearing by its effectiveness. If people are finding that regular massage therapy St Albert appointments.

Our not completely eliminating their sore spots. They could talk to a therapist. About trying grassed and techniques as an add-on. To their next massage appointment. Another modality people can utilize at healing point massage therapy.

Is myofascial cupping, which uses. Soft silicone cops of varying sizes. When the cops are placed on the patient’s body. There is a gentle suction, that pulls the tissue to the surface. This way, the muscle can get manipulated.

In a way that is simply impossible with regular massage. By having the cops pull the muscle towards the surface of the skin. It is able to experience a breaking of the tension. In a way that it has not experienced before.

And this can be incredibly beneficial. As well as the cupping. Increases blood flow to the area of the body that is sorest. What this does, is it increases the amount of nutrients. And white blood cells to the part of the body that needs healing.

Massage Therapy St Albert | Different Services Patients Should Try Today

While many people do not need to be convinced of the benefits of massage therapy St Albert. They may have heard of various other add-on services. But are unaware of how beneficial they actually are.

For example, when people come in for a massage. At healing point massage therapy, they can add on services. Such as grassed and techniques, cupping therapy. And hot stone massages.

They might be familiar with the names. But are not familiar with what those modalities will do. Hot stone massage may sound like something. Then purely for relaxation purposes. At the high-end spot.

But in fact, hot stone therapy has a place. At a regular massage clinic, such as healing point. This is because what it does. Is it helps relax the muscles in the body. More deeply than they could without heat.

To allow the massage therapist to manipulate the muscles. More effectively, and deeper than they could. Without the heat component. The therapist takes several smooth stones.

That is heated up to a hot but safe temperature. They place these stones on the sore spots of a person’s body. And that the stones set. Where the muscle can start to relax effectively.

Once the stones have sat. The therapist will start using the stones. To massage the muscles. Because the muscle is already significantly relaxed. The subsequent massage therapy St Albert treatments.

Can be even more effective than it would have been. Without the heat component. If people understand how relaxing it is. Sitting in a sauna, they will understand the benefits.

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Of hot stone massage therapy. In addition to different massage modalities. Healing point massage therapy also offers acupuncture. There are over hundred different medical conditions.

That can get help by acupuncture including eliminating and minimizing pain, neurological and respiratory issues. Digestive and cardiovascular problems. Even emotional and mental issues can be helped with acupuncture.

As well, it is not a question of acupuncture or massage therapy St Albert. But rather, a combination of the two. And to be able to get acupuncture. At the place where one is getting their massage treatments. Can be incredibly beneficial.

As the therapists can talk to each other. And figure out. Different ways to help the body heal. By using joined approach. In addition to regular acupuncture. Which uses extremely small needles. That the therapist will place in strategic pressure points.

The acupuncturist at healing point massage therapy will also be able to utilize. Cupping, gouache, Trina moxibustion and electro-acupuncture. These are various types of acupuncture. That can help alleviate pain.

Depending on what parts of the body and the reasons for a person’s pain. And finally, there is a osteopath at healing point massage therapy. Who will be able to manipulate the person’s fascia. It is connective tissue.

Can slip out of alignment and cause a lot of pain. The combination of massage, acupuncture and osteopath the. Can be extremely beneficial for all patients. Call healing point massage today for your appointment.