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Massage Therapy St Albert | Bad Posture While Sitting Causes Pain

Many people think of posture as something to correct while they are standing says massage therapy St Albert. But do not realize that they can have. Poor posture while they are sitting, sleeping or being active.
Massage Therapy St. Albert

However, poor posture is possible. At any time, and poor posture can cause. People to develop chronic pain conditions. Poor posture often causes pain in the back. Which is why 80% of all Canadians.

Develop back pain at some point in their life. Typically, they develop this pain between the ages of thirty and fifty years of age. The reason why they develop it at this age. Is because it takes a lifetime of poor posture.

Or at least decades of poor posture. To develop chronic pain. That is why massage therapy St. Albert is very passionate. About helping people learn. How to correct their poor posture. So that they do not develop chronic pain later in life.

Whether people have chronic pain or not. Regular massage therapy St. Albert treatments. Can relieve tension in muscles. So that the body can heal the muscle. And minimize or reduce pain.

And how often people should get massages. Depends significantly on if they are experiencing pain or not. The types of jobs and hobbies they have. What their posture looks like and more.

Some people will need massages every week. Some people need massages every month. Or, every 6 to 8 weeks. Another factor that will depend. How quickly people will need a massage. Is how good they are at stretching.

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Stretching is an important activity. Not just at the end of exercise. But at the end of every day. And intermittently throughout the day. Stretching helps relieve tension in the body muscles.

If someone is at work for eight hours. And holding the same position. Or doing the same movements. They may not realize that the muscle starts to tense up throughout the day. So that when they reach the end of their day.

They may feel muscle aches and pains. This could be minimized or eliminated by stretching their muscles throughout the day. Healing Point Massage Therapy says a good rule of thumb. Is that every hour, people can take one or two minutes.

To move the muscles in their body. To relieve the tension that they are experiencing. As well, at the end of the day. And ideally right before bed. People can take 5 to 10 minutes.

To do a more thorough stretching of their body. So that they can relax their muscles. That not only will help them ease into a deep sleep. But will help avoid developing stiff muscles. As they are motionless through sleep.

To find out how to correct the posture. That can lead to pain. As well as what stretches people should be utilizing. And to get a great healing a massage. People should contact healing point massage therapy.

There are a number of registered massage therapists. Her very knowledgeable in many different techniques. As well as a reflexologist, an acupuncturist and osteopath.

Massage Therapy St Albert | Bad Posture While You Are Sitting Causes Pain

They say sitting is the new smoking says massage therapy St Albert. And how bad it is for person’s health. While sitting wrong does not necessarily cause cancer. 80% of all Canadians will develop chronic back pain.

That is caused by sitting to much, and incorrectly. Since a wide variety of patients. Sit for a majority of their day. At desk jobs, how they are sitting. Can actually contribute to how much pain they may or may not be in.

People may hear of ergonomics. The art of ensuring that. The furniture that people used to sit and work at. Are as good for the body as possible. But many people truly do not think about.

There posture or their body. When they are sitting at their desk at work. Massage therapy St. Albert says the first thing that patients should do. Is ensure that the chair that they are using.

Is good for their particular body. Everyone is different heights. With different leg lengths and torso lengths. Even people who are identical heights. We have very different needs in a chair that they sit on.

Many office chairs come with a lever. That they can adjust the height of the chair. People should ensure that they are sitting. So that their thighs are parallel to the floor. And that their knees allow their legs to bend. At a 90° angle.

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And that their feet can sit flat on the floor. If they are unable to adjust to the chair. To allow for this type of posture while sitting in the chair. People should consider either getting another chair. Or perhaps getting a stool to rest their feet on.

As well, massage therapy St. Albert recommends. That the chair they have has a lumbar support on the back. That is just a fancy way of saying. The chair should curve in. To provide support to the lower back.

Since the lower back curves in significantly. The chair should also curve. If their current chair does not have this support. They can always buy a lumbar pillow. To be placed on the chair. So that they have the support.

When the chair is pushed up to the desk. It should ensure that the patient’s arms are bent at a 90° angle. The reason why, is because this will allow the shoulders to be dropped away from the ears.

If the desk was any higher. Then the shoulders would be pushed up towards the years. And crunching the neck. Which will cause pain sooner rather than later. Most office desks can be raised or lowered.

To accommodate the heights in the different employees. If they have any questions about proper posture. Patients can always visit healing point massage. At massage therapy St. Albert.

Not only for a massage. But pointers on how to have the best posture. They will also learn the best stretches. For people in an office, they will want to focus on stretching their lower back and shoulders most.