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Massage Therapy St Albert | 3 Popular Questions

When it comes to acupuncture, massage therapy St Albert says it can be incredibly beneficial. To use this treatment, in addition to massage. Because they are very complementary modalities to each other.

Massage Therapy St Albert

In fact, it can be incredibly helpful. If the acupuncturist and massage therapist can work together. Creating a great treatment plan. To help the patient overcome their symptoms. And help them find relief.

From whatever ailments they are experiencing. In fact, the massage therapy St Albert clinic, healing point massage therapy. Also has an acupuncturist on staff, because of how beneficial. Acupuncture treatments are to massage therapy patients.

However, many people have a lot of questions. When it comes to acupuncture treatments. The more questions they answer, the more patients will feel comfortable. Especially because they know. That acupuncture utilizes needles in the skin.

One of the most common questions that a massage therapist gets. For patients who have been recommended they try acupuncture. Is wondering if acupuncture hurts. Many people are phobic about needles.

These phobias are about being hurt during treatment. However, the great news is, says massage therapy St Albert. Is that acupuncture does not, and should not hurt patients at all.

However, people may feel an initial sharp sensation. During the initial needle placement. Although, the needle is extremely fine. Such as the thickness of one human hair. And, the needles are sharp, so they go in very quickly, and painlessly.

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If the initial sharp sensation lasts longer. Then 3 to 5 seconds, that is a very good indication. If the placement is not optimal. Patients should bring the sensation to their acupuncturist attention. Who will either decide to remove the needle entirely.

Or remove the needle, and replace it in a slightly different spots. However, this does not mean that acupuncture is going to be free from all sensations. There are several common feelings that people may experience.

Ranging from a tingling sensation in the sight of the needle. Or a heaviness, and even and achy sensation. All of which indicate that the acupuncture is working. As well, some people report feeling slightly itchy.

Either in the place where the needle has been inserted. Or, throughout their body during treatment. This particular sensation indicates. That circulation has been correctly affected. Improving and increasing circulation.

Another question that people have about acupuncture. Is wondering how deep the acupuncture needles go. While this depends quite significantly on the areas of the body that are getting treated. Some needles are only going to be placed superficially.

Which means they only need to puncture the skins surface. And go in less than a millimetre. And other needles, such as ones that are being placed in the glutes, which are the largest muscles in the body.

They may go in between half an inch, or a couple of inches. Depending on what type of treatment people are getting. Acupuncture can be such a benefit to be used in conjunction. With massage therapy St Albert, which is why many massage therapists. Will recommend this to their patients.

Massage Therapy St Albert | 3 Popular Questions Patients Have

Patients often want to know about acupuncture says massage therapy St Albert. Because they often recommend people utilize acupuncture treatments. In conjunction with their massage therapy.

In fact, these two modalities work hand-in-hand. To help the patient heal, and achieve all of their objectives. Whether it is to become pain-free. Increase circulation, increase their range of motion. Or heal their joints or injuries.

Many people may be interested in learning more about acupuncture. But want to have many of their questions answered. Before they feel comfortable enough with booking their first acupuncture appointment.

One of the first types of questions that a massage therapist gets from patients. Is if they are wondering if acupuncture is very safe. They often ask this, because the thought of placing needles seems dangerous.

The good news is acupuncture is not only very safe. It is also non-toxic, which means not only is it safe for all adults. It is safe for pregnant women, and children as well. However, acupuncture must always be performed by a licensed acupuncturist.

And the reason why it is safe, is because not only does it not involve the use of drugs says massage therapy St Albert. But it has fewer side effects than most prescription drugs.

And it works exceptionally well with other paramedical treatments, including massage therapy. As well as chiropractic treatments, physiotherapy just to name a few. However, because there are fewer side effects than medication.

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That does not mean there are no side effects at all. And your acupuncturist will go over these side effects with you. During the intake process, so that they will be able to answer specific questions. As it relates to you, in order to help you feel comfortable.

Many people may understand that acupuncture is safe. But want to know how acupuncture is safe for children. Especially because they know that acupuncture needles. Are often left in place for several minutes.

Most licensed acupuncturists, when performing. Acupuncture on children adjust what they do from adults. Even slightly, they often do not keep the needles in place for several minutes. Either placing the needles and removing them immediately.

This is because children are often very squirmy, and despite. Their best efforts to stay still, often are not able to. Therefore, for their own safety. The acupuncturist will remove the needle immediately.

Also, they will use other modalities, such as gouache, myofascial cupping. They may use moxibustion, and acupressure. In order to achieve results in a much safer way for children.

Acupuncture is also safe for pregnant women says massage therapy St Albert. Not only do they use it on pregnant women. But it is also an extremely effective fertility treatment. However, any pregnant woman.

Or a woman who is trying to get pregnant. Should let their acupuncturist know their states. Or their intentions. So that the acupuncturist can be extremely careful. That they do not utilize some points that can help induce labour.

If people have had their massage therapy St Albert practitioner. Recommend acupuncture, that is a recommendation. That patients should take seriously, for their overall health.