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Massage Therapy St Albert | 2 Reasons Why Regular Massages Are Great

When people visit massage therapy St Albert at healing point massage therapy. They often are coming in only once or twice a year. However that is not enough, increased frequency can help people minimize. Problems that they have. Or prevent problems from happening in the first place.

Massage Therapy St. Albert

One of the first things that the therapist will look at when people come in for their treatment. Is seeing if they have trigger points along their body. A trigger point is a highly irritated spots. Usually in a muscle, that feels like a not or an area of inflamed tissue.

The reason why is called a trigger point according to massage therapy St Albert. Is because when it is pressed, it triggers pain in another area of the body. For example, if there is a trigger point on a person’s shoulder. When pressed, it might shoot pain.

Into the neck, into the head, down the arm or down the back. These are areas that need to be resolved through massage therapy St Albert treatments. What the massage therapist will do, is applied gentle pressure at first.

And then increase the pressure as the patient can withstand it. The longer a patient has had a trigger point. The harder it is going to be for the massage therapist to resolve it. In some cases, a patient may have to come back.

For several months in order to resolve the spot, but when they do. They often will find that a lot of other pain and problems. Our resolved at the same time as well. When people are coming into healing point massage therapy.

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If they have pain already, the massage therapist will do an intake with them. Where they will get a complete health history. This is important, so that the therapist knows how to adequately treat their body.

After they have a health history, the therapist will leave the room. So that the patient can get onto the table, and remove the articles of clothing required to treat their body.

The therapist will come in, and start treating the areas discussed during the intake. However, during their massage therapy St Albert treatment. It is going to be very important that the patient and the therapist communicate with each other.

The patient should let them know if they pressure is too hard. Or if the pressure is not hard enough. And therapist will often ask if the treatment that they are utilizing. Is making them feel better, or if it is causing any more pain.

A lot of the times, people will come into healing point massage therapy. In order to treat an injury or an accident. However, they should inform their therapist when they sustained the injury. Because massaging to early is a bad idea.

When in doubt, patients can book a massage. And let the therapist know everything from conditions that they have. Accidents, and other issues that they are experiencing. So that therapist can provide the right treatment for them.

Massage therapy St Albert | 3 Important Reasons Why Regular Massages Are Great

When people are getting massage therapy St Albert treatments. They often want to know how often they should come in for treatments. Some people are only coming in once or twice a year. And for many therapists, that is not enough.

In fact, many people coming in for one or two massages a year. Are actually doing more damage than good. The first massage or two, the body is not yet used to. Having their muscles manipulated. And it can seem like a bit of an injury.

To have the muscles manipulated, especially if they are already sore. However, the second or third massage. The body is getting used to the treatment. And understanding that the manipulation is to relax the muscles. So that they can heal.

At no point, after the second or third massage. Should people feel sore. And if they do, they should bring it up to their practitioner. Most massage therapists, especially at healing point massage therapy in St. Albert.

Our well-versed in many different techniques. As well as different modalities that they can add to their massage treatments. From deep tissue, and relaxation massage. Therapists can also utilize hot stone massage.

Which uses pot stones, like the name suggests. In order to help relax the muscles even more. So that the therapist can manipulate them even more deeply during the appointment. Another modality that therapists can use.

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Is called myofascial cupping. Which is where they take silicone cops. And gently apply section, so that the cops are drying blood to the area. This increased blood supply to the sore area. Helps resolve pain even more than massage alone.

They can have cupping where the cops are manually placed and are not moved. And then a form of cupping, where the cups are used to perform the massage. Massage therapy St Albert says this is very similar to a reverse massage.

As it pulls the muscle away from the body, so that it can have a different sensation. And wake up any nuts or tissue that are problematic for the patient. If patients want to add on a specific modality to their deep tissue massage.

They can visit the healing point massage therapy website. And that will allow them to not only choose the time of day that they can get a massage. As well as the practitioner they would like to use. But they can also add on the different modalities that are available.

As well, when people visit the website. They will often find out that the clinic offers manual osteopathic therapy. As well as acupuncture therapy, and they can book themselves in for those appointments at massage therapy St Albert as well.

If patients do not know what manual osteopathic therapy is. Or they are interested in acupuncture but want more information. They can visit the different sections of the website. In order to learn, or book a consultation. Where the therapist will tell them everything they need to know.