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Acupuncture St Albert | Get The Most Out Of Acupuncture

Even though acupuncture has been around for hundreds of years, many people have yet to try it. It could be because they are nervous at the prospect of needles. Or, it could be because acupuncture is still on the outside of mainstream medical treatment. However, there are many reasons why people are more than ever trying this alternative medicine for themselves, says acupuncture St Albert clinic, Healing Point Massage. ()

In fact, the World Health Organization has gone on record to say there are over 100 different medical conditions and symptoms that can be effectively treated with acupuncture treatments. This, after putting together a scientific team to study acupuncture. It drew from 255 clinical trials, and they published their findings in 2003. Since then, more people have sought out acupuncture St Albert treatments themselves for a variety of reasons.

Get The Most Out Of Acupuncture

Many patients are frustrated with their doctor. Not taking their symptoms seriously enough, or only exploring medication as a treatment. Some patients have been told by their doctor to lose weight, and their problems will go away, and over time, trust with a lot of doctors has eroded, leaving patients taking matters into their own hands, with therapies such as massage therapy, osteopathic therapy and yes, acupuncture.

What To Do Before Acupuncture

So in this article learn how to get the most out of acupuncture. You will have a very thorough intake process with your acupuncturist. They will ask many questions about your health, your family history, your own medical history. Understanding all your illnesses and injuries will help them put together the best treatment for you. However, it’s best that you fill out your intake forms ahead of time. Great clinics, like acupuncture St Albert clinic, Healing Point will send them to you in advance, so you don’t have to arrive super early, and then spend so much time filling out forms.

Wear comfortable clothes to your appointment! Even though you will disrobe to get needled, you will likely not want to put on tight, constrictive or itchy clothes after treatment. While some people feel great, and get a boost of energy after their acupuncture St Albert treatment, many people feel sleepy. Wearing comfortable clothes will feel great if you just want to go home and cuddle up on the couch. Also, ensure that your clothing is loose. While most people don’t feel topical discomfort immediately after their acupuncture treatment, you won’t want to take any chances, by wearing tight clothing.

Take note of what you eat the day of your acupuncture appointment. What you eat can affect your treatment. Have a well balanced, moderate meal before your treatment, so you’re not hungry during treatment, but don’t eat too much and end up with a sore tummy. And while acupuncture St Albert owner, Lianna Bergonia says it’s important to be well hydrated before your treatment, try not to drink so much water directly before your appointment. You will not want to have to rush out to the washroom during or after your treatment! However, after your treatment, drink water! You will want to flush out the toxins that have been released.

Acupuncture St Albert | What to Avoid Before Acupuncture

Avoid caffeine, alcohol and sugar the day of your appointment. It’s not just important to avoid this before your treatment, especially as these substances can affect your blood, and while acupuncture needles are very shallowly placed, the fewer substances you ingest that can be problematic, the better. The reason to avoid these after your acupuncture St Albert treatment is because you are likely going to be recovering, and altering substances can make you feel terrible.

Don’t have big plans the day of your acupuncture appointment. Though some people feel great, and get a burst of energy, it’s important to realize that your body has just been through a lot. Take it easy for at least the next 12 hours, if not more. You may want nothing more than to curl up on the couch, and you should listen to your body! But even if you’re feeling good, maybe avoid the spin class or 5 mile hike. Instead, do some yin yoga, or take a gentle walk around the block, advises Lianna Bergonia of acupuncture St Albert clinic, Healing Point Massage clinic.

Don’t brush your tongue! This may be a weird one to hear, but it’s important! Although many of us have gotten into the habit of brushing our tongue, or tongue scraping to combat the bacteria that causes bad breath and cavities. But please avoid doing that the day of your acupuncture St Albert treatment! The reason is because your acupuncturist will likely want to see your tongue. The tongue is a powerful indicator of health. The color, texture and coating of your tongue can help your acupuncturist figure out the best treatment for you.

Acupuncture Is A Time For Relaxing And Healing

Take note of how you feel immediately after your acupuncture St Albert treatment. How long do these feelings last? Do you feel better, or worse? More energy or less? The day after your appointment, how do you feel? It’s a good idea to keep a notebook where you write these impressions down. It’s incredibly beneficial for your acupuncturist to know how effective their treatment was, or wasn’t. They can make adjustments knowing what worked, and for how long. It’s a great way to get aw much out of the experience as possible.

Your acupuncturist will let you know when to come in for your next appointment. They may want to see you once a week for a month, or so, then go back to treating you once a month, depending on how you respond to treatment. You can also write down any and all questions you have, so you don’t forget to ask them the next time you’re in.

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While visiting an acupuncture St Albert clinic may seem intimidating, they are there to help you. To get the most out of acupuncture, ask many questions, and find out if it can help you with many of the symptoms you’ve been struggling with! Be sure to follow our YouTube Channel for more advice on hot to get the most out of acupuncture appointment.