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Acupuncture St Albert | 3 Most Persistent Acupuncture Questions

Even though many people have heard about acupuncture St Albert treatments for years. They may not have considered it for themselves. Either thinking that they need to get a doctor’s referral.

Acupuncture St Albert

Or they need to have something significantly wrong. In order to get this treatment. However, neither statement is true. And people who may be thinking that acupuncture St Albert treatments can be beneficial.

Or, people who have been told by their doctor, massage therapist. Their manual osteopathic therapist. Chiropractor, or physiotherapist just to name a few. May have suggested acupuncture treatments.

Many patients may still have a wide variety of questions. That they want answers to, before they take the leap. And agree to get needles inserted into their skin. In the name of healing and pain relief.

One of the most frequent questions people have. When they are told they should try acupuncture St Albert treatments. Is wondering, quite simply. What acupuncture is. While many people might know that it is a form of traditional Chinese medicine.

And they also might know that involves inserting needles into the skin. With they might not know, is that the needles are extremely fine. About the width of a human hair. And that they are sterilized.

And then placed very superficially into the skin, stimulating different points of the body. Such as meridians, connective tissues. Fascia, muscles and joints in order to achieve a wide variety of objectives.

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Such as increased mobility, decreased pain. Eliminating symptoms of common illnesses or diseases. Such as getting rid of nausea for chemotherapy patients. Or getting rid of pain for fibromyalgia patients.

Helping people feel more energized, allowing them to feel more rested when they wake up in the morning. And the list goes on, on everything that acupuncture St Albert treatments can benefit a patient.

It is even extremely important to note. That in addition to being a holistic treatment, acupuncture is a complementary treatment. To other forms of therapy, including massage therapy, chiropractic treatments.

Physiotherapy, and manual osteopathic therapy. Just to name a few things. Another question that many people have about acupuncture. Is wondering how deep the acupuncture needles go.

While most of them are only placed superficially. It also depends on what area of the body. People are getting treated, and what condition that is being treated. Some needles will only be placed extremely superficially.

Just to puncture the skin. Or to go in 1 mm. However, other needles. Such as pain relief in the gluteus maximus, which is the largest muscle in the body. And those needles may be placed anywhere between half an inch, to a couple of inches.

Into the muscle, in order to activate it. And get the desired results. However, the next question and is often if acupuncture hurts. And the answer is no, nor should it hurt.

If people are uncomfortable during the process, they should let their acupuncturist know. That they can immediately remove the problematic needle. If anyone has further questions, they should set up an appointment of healing point massage therapy today.

Acupuncture St Albert | 3 Persistent Acupuncture Questions

Many people have heard a lot about acupuncture St Albert treatments. However, when it is time for them to try their first session. They may have a wide variety of questions. Or, they may have many questions.

After their first appointment. To understand exactly what went on in their appointment. During an acupuncture St Albert intake, not only will it last a long time. Anywhere between half an hour to an hour. Which is why.

The first appointment is usually much longer. Then all future treatments. During which time, a person may have been told. To stick their tongue out at their acupuncturist. And they may wonder exactly why that is.

The tongue is actually a powerful indicator of a person’s overall health. Because it was a microsystem for the rest of the body. Different areas of the tongue correspond to different organ systems.

But as well, the acupuncturist will look at the tongues body. In order to determine the size, colour and shape. As it can tell a lot of information. About a person’s overall health just by those indicators.

As well, if there is a coating. And if so, what colour can tell the acupuncturist. What type of health a person’s spleen is in. Also, some people may want to know why during their acupuncture St. Albert appointment.

The acupuncturist wanted to feel their pulse. Typically, and acupuncturist will take the radial pulse bilaterally. Which means there taking the pulse from the wrist, and from both of the wrists at the same time.

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The acupuncturist is looking for many different things by doing this. For example, they want to know how fast a person’s heart rate is. They will take the radial pulse with three fingers on each hand.

Which correspond to a different organ. And they will feel the pulse at different depths. To see if it feels differently, because that can tell a lot about a person’s health. Another thing that will happen during acupuncture St Albert appointment.

Is that during the taking of the radial pulse, the acupuncturist will be looking for the pulse qualities. Determining if it is choppy, soggy or wiry for example. This may seem very different.

And what many people are used to with the Western style doctor. However, it is important that practitioner. Will look at all areas of the person’s health. In order to ensure they know how to best treat them.

Another question that people have about acupuncture St Albert treatments. Is wondering how safe the treatments are. Not only are they non-toxic. Because they do not utilize medication. But they are safe for all adults, as well as children and pregnant women.

Therefore, people should not worry that something will go wrong during the treatment. The acupuncturist will explain the extremely few side effects that they may experience.

So that people can feel assured of what happens in the appointment. And know what to expect, before the first needle is placed. When people are looking for an acupuncturist, they should contact healing point massage therapy in St. Albert today.