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Acupuncture St Albert | 3 Most Expected Treatment Queries

There are many reasons why people look towards acupuncture St Albert treatments. Whether they are looking for an alternative. To the therapies they are already utilizing. They are planning to add it to the treatment plan.

Acupuncture St Albert

Or they are searching for something to help them. When no other treatment is working. Acupuncture St Albert treatments are extremely beneficial. With the World Health Organization stating that acupuncture is beneficial.

To treat well over hundred different symptoms, illnesses and conditions. As a form of ancient Chinese medicine, it has been around for centuries. However, many people especially in Western society.

Do not know a lot about this treatment. If asked, many people would say. That they know it involves placing needles into their body. But not towards what end. Or, what types of needles are used, where they are placed.

What the result would be after treatment. As well, many people who are phobic about needles. Do not even want to try this type of treatment. Because they are fearful. And the unknown nature of this treatment, leaves people worried.

Finally, people do not seek out acupuncture St Albert treatments often. Because they do not know if they can are helping with these treatments. Or, thinking that they would need a specific illness or injury.

In order to be able to receive treatments, as well as thinking. That they need a doctor’s referral, all which are not true. When healing point massage therapy can teach people the truth about acupuncture.

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More people can try out this beneficial procedure, and help themselves heal. Help their body work more effectively. And live without pain, just to name a few things.

While acupuncture St. Alberta treatments absolutely do use needles. These are single use, extremely fine and sterilized needles. The width of one acupuncture needle, is about the width of one human hair.

As well, the needles are quite sharp. Which means they are inserted very quickly, and painlessly. In fact, that is one thing that healing point massage therapy wants patients to know. Is that pain, or even discomfort. Is not supposed to be a part of treatment at all.

Some people may feel an initial sharp sensation. When the needle is initially placed. Which should last about three seconds. But if it lasts longer than that. Or if the needle is painful or uncomfortable.

Patients should immediately inform the acupuncturist. So that they can remove the needle. And either replace it, or leave it out. For not wanting to irritates the area any further.

Some people however, do feel a few interesting sensations. During their treatment, which can include tingling, heavy or achy sensation where the needle is placed. As well as itchiness, all which indicates.

That the acupuncture needles are doing the job that they are designed to. Whether it is encouraging blood flow, circulation. Healing that part of the body, or any of the other intended effects.

When patients are interesting and would like to try acupuncture for the first time. They can book their own appointment at healing point massage therapy, located in St Albert. By visiting their website, and clicking on the book now button.

Acupuncture St Albert | 3 Expected Treatment Queries

Even though acupuncture St Albert treatments are gaining popularity. Many people are still nervous to try this beneficial therapy. Out of a lack of knowledge, and for some people. They are afraid, also because of a lack of knowledge.

One of the most common questions that the acupuncturist at healing point massage therapy gets. Is from people wondering if acupuncture hurts to get. The answer to this question, much to the relief of many is no.

Acupuncture is not supposed to hurt, or even be uncomfortable. And in fact, the needles are so thin and sharp. That placing the needle often does not feel like anything. And many people are unaware that the needles are being inserted.

While there are some sensations. That people may experience during their acupuncture St Albert treatment. None of those sensations should be pain or discomfort. People might feel itchy, or a tingling sensation.

While others report heavy sensation, or a mild ache where the needle has been placed. The needle is placed for 5 to 10 minutes. And then the acupuncturist may remove the needle, or activate them, and leave them for another five or ten minutes.

While activating may sound scary says acupuncture St Albert treatment therapist. It is not, all that means is manipulating the needle gently. Or manipulating the skin where the needle is inserted. In order to remind the body that the needle is there.

So that the body can continue to send healing energy to that area of the body. Afterwards, some people wonder if there will be any side effects. And while there are some very mild side effects. There are fewer side effects.

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Then most prescription, or even over-the-counter medication. And the side effects are extremely mild. Such as having mild bruising at the needling site. Some minor irritation at the needling site.

And being tired after the acupuncture St Albert treatment. In fact, the acupuncturist generally recommend. That people do not have anything scheduled. Directly after treatments, as they may simply want to do as little as possible.

They should listen to their body, and either take a nap. Or relax comfortably on the couch. Because their body is being kicked into healing mode. And then being tired, is because the body is resting. In order to heal effectively.

Many people want to know how deep the acupuncture needles go. And this is very dependent on what they are treating. Where the needles are placed, and each person’s individual body.

Some needles will only need to be having put superficially. While others, may need to be placed anywhere between half an inch, to 2 inches.

However, people should keep in mind that pain and discomfort. Should never be a part of the process. If people would like to try acupuncture St Albert treatments for the first time. All they need to do is pick up the phone and call healing point massage therapy for consultation today.