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Acupuncture St Albert | 3 Educational Acupuncture Facts

Despite the fact that acupuncture St Albert treatments have been around for many years. There is still a lot that is misunderstood about this form of traditional Chinese medicine. It came to North America back in the eighteen hundreds.

Acupuncture St Albert

But gained popularity during the first and second world wars. However, many people remain nervous about trying this therapy. Simply because they know that it utilizes needles, which is a cause for concern for many people.

While yes, acupuncture St Albert treatments do involved placing needles. Into the skin, this is not as painful or uncomfortable. As many people assume it to be. People often think of sewing needles, or needles used in hospital to give medication.

The needles used in acupuncture are actually extremely small. They are about the width of a human hair. And most people do not feel anything. Aside from an initial sharpness for one second. When the needle is placed.

People also do not realize. That the needles will be placed very shallowly. Such as one or 2 mm into the skin, and it is not going to cause pain or discomfort. In fact if people do experience pain or discomfort they should immediately bring that to their acupuncturist attention.

So they can remove the needle, however some people do report feeling some sensations. When they are getting acupuncture St Albert treatments. Some people feel heaviness, or a tingling sensation. Wherever there is a needle in their body.

This is normal, and offered to as she. And it is normal to feel it, to not feel it. Or have this sensation come and go throughout the treatment. Depending on each individual, their symptoms and their treatment goals.

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The acupuncturist may have the needles placed for just a few minutes. Up to twenty minutes. The acupuncturist may re-activate the needles. By gently touching them, so that the body does not forget that they are there.

However, acupuncture St Albert treatments also involved. Some additional associated modalities. That may be done before the needling, or after the needling. In order to achieve the desired effect.

For example, myofascial cupping is one of the associated modalities. And what that is, is a silicone cop that is placed. At an area on the body that needs additional healing. The cup provides gentle suction.

Drying the muscle up, and away from the body. Being the muscle a healing deep tissue massage. While also drawing blood flow to that area of the body. Increased blood flow will help the body heal that area.

The cupping may be done for a few minutes or longer. Depending on how the patient responds. There are other modalities with acupuncture treatments. From electroacupuncture, to moxibustion and gouache.

People can talk to their acupuncturist about these associated modalities. When they come in for their initial consultation. The acupuncturist will discuss which forms of treatment.

Are going to be most beneficial. Based on the patient’s health, the symptoms that they have. And most importantly, what their goals were treatment is going to be in the long run.

Acupuncture St Albert | 3 Educational Acupuncture Facts For You

Finding out everything involved in acupuncture St Albert treatments can be surprising. Many people have heard about this form of traditional Chinese medicine. But still know very little about this practice.

Many people are also nervous about the fact that it involves needles. And often, only look into it as a last resort. When all other treatments or medication options. Fail to bring about the desired results.

And while yes, acupuncture St Albert treatments do involved. Placing needles, there are many other associated modalities that will be used. In order to bring about the desired results in the patient.

A common modality that is used. With acupuncture is moxibustion. This is a treatment that utilizes the urban called mugwort. That is dried, and placed in the end of the holder, and lit on fire.

The herb smolders, and gives off healing smoke. And it is placed close to the patient’s body. Until they can feel the heat. This is completely safe for people of all ages. And is one of the treatments to help turn a breached baby around.

Before the acupuncturist will use something like moxibustion in the treatment. They will discuss it ahead of time with the patient. And get their consent. It may be something that is not necessary for every patient, but is one tool in their arsenal.

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Another tool that acupuncturists can utilize. Is electroacupuncture. This is an add-on to the traditional acupuncture treatment that people may get. And they use a special machine. That attaches to the acupuncture needles.

And then electricity is passed through the needles into the patient. It is a very low voltage, and it is not going to be uncomfortable. In fact, patient will dictate how much electricity is passed through, based on how they feel.

The reason why electroacupuncture might be used. Is to help improve the efficacy of the acupuncture. It is a way of reminding the body that the needles are there. So that it can continue sending healing nutrients to that part of the body.

Whether someone gets electroacupuncture during their acupuncture St Albert treatment or not. Will again, depend on the acupuncturist, and the patient. What kind of goals they have, and whether they give consent.

As well, it is going to be very important for the patient to keep track of all of their symptoms. Immediately after their acupuncture St Albert treatment. And up until their next session.

Some people find that they have symptoms eliminated immediately. Or it takes several days to find relief. Or that they only have relief for a certain length of time. All of this information is going to be important for the acupuncturist know.

So that they can adjust their treatment in order to bring about the best results. If people are interested in learning more about acupuncture, they can visit Healing Point Massage Therapy. There taking new patients, and are ready for you to schedule your appointment.